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Intelligent mail distribution in organizations

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Reorganize your mail distribution!

Use NetLocker to Mail distribution and organization of the mail volume in your company.

NetLocker is the holistic solution for input management. The standard software developed in Germany accompanies physical delivery processes as well as the digitization of incoming mail.

In addition, you can also use NetLocker as a Personal Locker for the secure storage of personal documents, laptops, work materials, etc. (topic open space, co-working, co-rental) or for yours resource management, to exchange documents, projectors, laptops or vehicle keys and documents.

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Seamless post registration and flexible forms of delivery

Mail items are assigned to the delivery methods (digital, personal or to a locker system) based on rules. A mail item history keeps track of each mail item and shows the status on the way to its recipient (track and trace).

The software

Modern, intuitive user interfaces and flexible workflows make the software a highly efficient and reliable partner for document logistics in companies. The scalable structure enables delivery scenarios from 100 to several thousand items of mail per day.


Whether digital, in person or by locker, everything is possible.

Notification via SMS / email

Set in the notification center whether you would like to be informed in advance about incoming shipments, for example.

This is how efficient mail distribution works
Smart locker system from netlocker

Smart locker systems are part of modern office environments

Locker systems are increasingly part of modern office environments and make it easier to manage mail, personal belongings and keys.
NetLocker cabinet with one open cabinet compartment

What defines smart locker systems

There are many names circulating for the digitization of lockers. Some call it smart locker facilities or smart locker systems. But what exactly makes a locker system smart?


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    NetLocker is a German standard software that is used to manage and organize the mail volume in companies. It can be used both for the physical delivery and for the digitization of post and also offers the option of using personalized lockers (e.g. for documents, laptops and work materials). The software has modern user interfaces and flexible workflows and is able to manage delivery processes from 100 to several thousand pieces of mail per day. NetLocker can also be used as a "smart" locker system in which access authorizations are controlled digitally and processes are played back accordingly. In addition to mail distribution, the locker system can also be used as a transfer point for documents, an issuing point for resources and consumables and as a key management system.