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Register mail

Incoming mail is registered via the NetLocker app.

This means that the recipient, the type of mail item, the size and possibly the weight of a mail item are recorded and then provided with a barcode sticker.
The item of mail can be tracked using the barcode and you always know the delivery status of the item of mail.

Depending on the rule stored in the NetLocker app (depending on the recipient, size, etc.), the item of mail can then be pre-sorted for further delivery.

mailroom kit

The mailroom kit is part of the standard equipment in connection with the locker system and consists of a barcode label printer, a hand scanner and the NetLocker Cloud Connector (NCC), which provides the connection to the NetLocker cloud service.

Image of a mailroom kit for registering mail

Reporting/ Documentation

All recorded data is stored and documented via the NetLocker app.

Additional devices such as a camera or scales can be used to supplement the recording.

The collected data can also be presented in descriptive charts and can help to optimize and improve your post workflow.

document camera
Photo documentation

A camera can be used to take a photo of an item of mail that may have been damaged.

weight documentation

The weight of the shipment can be recorded using a scale.

A woman stores a package.
A parcel delivery person delivers packages to the locker system
Deliveryman with letter
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