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NetLocker solutions

This is how efficient mail distribution works

With NetLocker, the distribution of your mail in the company becomes simple, efficient and traceable.

post registration

Incoming mail is recorded via the NetLocker app and prepared for delivery.

Deliveryman with letter
mail delivery

Whether digital, in person or by locker, everything is possible.

Netlocker software self service rules for my mail
Self service

With our Self Service Manager you can control your mail receipt authorization, absence behavior and other delivery rules.

NetLocker is more than just 'mailroom software'

The introduction of a smart locker system offers opportunities to integrate further corporate tasks.

Laptop is stored in the cupboard compartment
personal locker

Use NetLocker to securely store personal items such as documents, laptops, etc.

resource management

Make technical devices such as projectors, laptops and other resources available to your employees and control access rights via the NetLocker app.

Vehicle keys in locker
fleet management

Individual compartments or areas of a smart locker system can also be used to manage and assign keys to company vehicles.

document is handed over
Secure document handover

You can also use your smart locker system to hand over important documents, for example. There are always documents that need to be protected from access by anyone, think of contracts that require signatures from several decision-makers. In this case, the NetLocker cabinet becomes a secure storage and transfer location.

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