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deliver mail

Depending on the rule defined in NetLocker, the courier knows where the mail must be delivered.

Deliveryman with letter

Possible delivery scenarios are:

Personal delivery of a letter
Personal delivery

Personal delivery with acknowledgment of receipt from the recipient.

Delivery to a locker facility

Filing of the postal items in a locker system. Ready to be picked up by the recipient at any time.

Delivery of parcels to a workplace
Delivery to a physical location (room, table,…)

The mail items are deposited at a defined location that is accessible to the recipient.

delivery person in the delivery vehicle
Forwarding to another location

The piece of mail is forwarded to another location via an in-house shuttle service and can be delivered there according to the stored rule.

A woman stores a package.

If the recipient z. B. not on site for a longer period of time, the mail item is stored for this period and delivered at a later date.

Scanner with a sheet in the feeder
Digital processing and delivery

Letters are opened, digitized (scanned) and forwarded to the recipient by e-mail.

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